Friday, May 2, 2014

Get 'yer volunteer hours and help raise money for CGC!

Hello CGC Gardeners!

We are in need of your help to raise funds for the garden, and each of you have volunteer hours to complete - PERFECT! 

Here is how you can help:

Dig and pot plants - 
this weekend (Sat 5/3, Sunday 5/4), 
next weekend (Saturday 5/10 and Sunday 5/11) 

And the final two days for the plant sale transport, prepare and sell plants! 
Friday 5/16 and the day of the sale Saturday 5/17!

We are in need of volunteers to dig perennials up in gardens (donated by local residents) and pot them in preparation for the South Portland Land Trust Plant Sale! The sale is on May 17th so it's going to be tight with this late spring!

Please contact Crystal Goodrich if you have an hour or two to help!
207-671-6393 you can also text. 

We have a lot of plants to dig and pot and we need help!
You can call early or late or anytime during the day and she will let you know where to go and what you can do to help! 

It's easy - just call and I'll let you know where to go: to either Helen Slocum's house at 12 Smith Street (just off of Preble Street) where the potting takes place or to one of the yards where the digging is taking place. 

Please bring your own gardening gloves and a shovel if you have one!

The Annual South Portland Land Trust Plant Sale is the biggest fundraiser for the Land Trust every year. It is powered entirely by volunteers (many of whom are on the CGC board) and since the Land Trust is our fiscal sponsor, we share the profits with them, half of the funds raised goes to the Land Trust and half goes to SPLT! 

This will keep the Hamlin School Garden in great condition and allow us to operate and create other gardens in other parts of the city in the future!

Please give us any time you have - the late spring has caused plants to come up much later so that means we have all of the plants at once! 

We will also need help on the Friday before the plant sale (Friday May 16) and the day of the plant sale (Saturday May 17). There are many tasks to perform. More details will be sent in a future email. Right now we need diggers and potters!

If you have plants of your own to donate please dig them and if you can pot them and bring them to Helen's house at 12 Smith Street. If you can't pot them at your home bring them to Helen's on the weekend and you can help pot them there!

If you have other questions you can call or text Crystal anytime: 671-6393.

Thanks for your help! And here's to a beautiful spring season in Maine!