Friday, August 10, 2012

Update from Harvest for Hunger Collection on 8/7

Greetings Gardeners:

Well, those of us who were hoping for some rain got our wish! Wonder if the mushrooms in my garden are the edible kind?
Peas, spinach and lettuce look to be pretty well spent (good time to reseed for a second crop), but the kale and chard just keep producing — and the squashes have taken off (if only the squash beetles would!). Have you noticed the beautiful pumpkins? There’s a huge specimen in Ben’s garden (#33) and several in Jed’s (23). Do yourself a favor next time you’re in the garden and take a tour to see what’s happening in your neighbors’ plots. Flowers are blooming in several beds — everything from giant sunflowers to zinnias and glads.

This past Tuesday (8/7) we had a nice turnout for the Hunger Harvest — Thanks to Steve, Shay, Tammy, Paula and Luke! The Hunger beds are ready for some resowing, which accounts for a lower haul for the Food Cupboard last week. We delivered just 44.5 pounds. Still, that puts our 4-week total at 209 pounds! And the CGC got some media attention in the latest edition of the Sentry. There was a nice article on page 16 by Jack Flagler, who took a great shot of Tammy in her garden while he was onsite Tuesday evening, and a letter of thanks from Sybil, who heads the Cupboard. Our garden will also be mentioned in a feature on community gardens slated for an upcoming issue of the Current.

The ongoing Harvest for Hunger will take place this Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 4:30 till 6 or so. We’d love to see you there. We’d also be happy to harvest surplus veggies from your gardens — just say the word!

Thanks — and have a great week!

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