Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Updates and Harvest for Hunger Event Tonight! 8/14 from 4:30-6ish

Harvest for Hunger Tonight 8/14: Volunteers needed: 
The ongoing Harvest for Hunger will take place tonight: Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 4:30 till 6 or so. We’d love to see you there. We’d also be happy to harvest surplus veggies from your gardens — just say the word!

Thanks — and have a great week!

Linda (lskinner@maine.rr.com)
Rachel (ramasonb@yahoo.com)

An article in The Sentry about the CGC Harvest for Hunger, click below to read: 

More information about the University of Maine Cooperative Extension: Maine Harvest for Hunger program:

UM Cooperative Extension on Facebook: 

For 2012 the Extension's goal is for 300,000 pounds of produce to be grown and donated to the Harvest for Hunger Program across the state!

Add to your calendar: Next week another Harvest for Hunger event: 8/21 from 4:30-6 ish

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